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At ABC agency we understand that each company is different and that employee benefit solutions will vary. That is why we offer an entire suite of group insurance products to choose from. The first step in our strategy is to understand your current benefits package and your goals moving forward. Then, our consultants will propose custom solutions that will meet your objectives, using the products and insurance carriers of your choice. In addition, there are many value added services that can be provided to you and your employees that will help the enrollment process and ongoing service protocols. Please review the products that we offer below and then click on “Proposal Request” to submit a request for proposal or click on “Appointments” to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants.

                                                            Fully Insured                            Indemnity Cancer
                                                            Self Insured                             Lump Sum Cancer
                                                            MEC Plan                                 Critical Illness
                                                            Dental                                      Hybrid Supplemental
                                                            Vision                                      GAP
                                                            Term Life                                 Short Term Disability
                                                            Universal Life                          Long Term Disablility
                                                            Whole Life                               Long Term Care
                                                            Accident                                  Telemedicine